Who we are?

The Afghanistan Youth National and Social Organization (AYNSO) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established by young adults and registered on 10 March, 2008 in Afghanistan. AYNSO strives to create a youth democratic society where all young people particularly disadvantaged and atrisk are valued without any discrimination as the most promising resource available to meet personal and societal needs. Founded in 2008, AYNSO is a legally registered with Ministry of Economy as non-profit organization operating in 34 provinces and Kuchi Tribes of Afghanistan. AYNSO is dedicated to address the social, civil and democratic needs, issues, and problems of youth and women, and shape their social & economic development through advocacy, rights awareness, networking and capacity building programs throughout Afghanistan. AYNSO is a grass root level organization emerged with the aim to advocate youth, marginalized, poor and disadvantage communities on their rights to education, democracy and equal opportunity for social services. AYNSO strongly believes and serves the poor and deprived youth communities at the grass root level; where the resources and services availability is quite poor and hardly fulfilled the life basics and emergency needs of communities. AYNSO envisions a transformed countrywide youth community wherein stakeholders, and all members of community actively participating in alternative social infrastructure which promote and practice real democracy, access to justice and secured human rights towards a balanced and decentralized system for the common goods and welfare of youth, women, elders and social institutions. AYNSO is thematically working in sub-sectors of Community Development, Youth Rights Protection, Access to Justice, Human Rights, Humanitarian response, and Peace building and Conflict Resolution. AYNSO’s main goal is to support youth to experience real democracy, strengthening and advancing democracy nationwide, so therefore as part of democracy Human Rights, Civil education, social cohesion, access to rights and peaceful elections are the main contributing aspects of democracy.


AYNSO, since establishment plays a vital role as a bridge between people and the parliament members throughout 34 provinces in Afghanistan. AYNSO collects people prioritized issues and concerns in insecure and remote areas where Members of Parliament (PMs) can’t normally visit the area physically, and shares with MPs for finding appropriate solutions, MPs are putting these issues in their legislative agenda and after any progress made are shared back through AYNSO to those target communities. These type of volunteer services enhanced people trusts on government and encouraged them to vote for the favorite candidates. In early 2008, deputy ministry of youth affairs didn’t have provincial branches in the Uruzgan, Nemroz, Saripul, Kunduz, Takhar, Faryab and Ghor provinces, so AYNSO agreed to have their offices be used as centers of communication and information between deputy ministry of youth affairs and youth. This process continued until deputy ministry of youth affairs established provincial department of youth affairs in the aforementioned provinces. However, AYNSO still working under full coordination and cooperation with provincial departments of youth affairs throughout the country. There weren’t exist any legal department for youth affairs in 2008. AYNSO communicated youth problems with deputy minister of youth affairs and realized him the existence of legal youth department in these provinces. The process of sharing community main concerns with the elected officials for seeking best possible solutions is that initially the communities main concerns are collected by the AYNSO district captains at district level with the help of AYNSO members and CSOs from different villages, and then the issues are shared with the local government to probe if the issues can be solved at the district level or need to be taken to the government at the provincial level through AYNSO provincial leadership. AYNSO provincial leadership with the help of provincial councils make efforts to address the issues to the appropriate governmental entities with follow up mechanism and make sure that the government is taking action to resolve the issues but if not, AYNSO presents the issues to the parliament and through the MPs to the relevant ministries with the support of AYNSO HQ. Finally, any progress made by the government on concerning issues, are then shared back with respective communities in order to build up a trustful environment between citizen and state. In 2008, AYNSO organized district opinion polls to collect youth interests and problems throughout country with the technical and financial assistance of IRI Afghanistan. as per the findings of polls, AYNSO initiated membership campaign and structure the Youth Organ/Network body in all districts of Afghanistan. According to this structure, AYNSO allocated District Captain to deal and report on District Youth members. Provincial Coordinators have been assigned to Province based membership matters and reporting to AYNSO HQ. At the province level, besides Provincial coordinator two other leadership members exist, who serve the provincial chapters in different matters like organizing events and supporting implementation of project, and carrying coordination with government and civil society organization at provincial level. Provincial chapters are responsible to report to Organ Secretary, Deputy Chairman. The matters are finally shared and discussed with Organ Chairman and finally resolved and reported back. Organ Chairman are elected on annual basis with the votes of registered membership and AYNSO HQ, and BOD opinions.